Monday, October 29, 2007

The diary of an unborn child

One of the topics that I was required to talk about to my degree students as part of child development was abortion. As I was looking for material on the subject in the library I chanced on a book which had a very touching article written titled “The Diary Of An Unborn Child”. From then on every time that I had to cover this topic I would first read that article to all my students and the effect was always the same as it was when I first read it.

This was the article:

Day 1- My life just began. Right now I am dividing and multiplying as I am travelling through my mothers fallopian tube.

Day 4- I have travelled these past few days and reached a warm cosy place which is my mother’s womb .I have already divided into a ball of 100 cells and floating. It is very nice here. My mother does not know yet that I am here. I know she will feel very happy when she comes to know about me.

Weeks 5-6 – Do you know in the past few weeks I have developed a simple brain, spine and central nervous system? I still do not have eyes or ears but I have shallow pits which will then become my eyes and ears. Just imagine I can then see my mother’s beautiful face and very soon I can hear my mother singing and talking softly to me. I will also be able to take in my food which my mother will feed me though as right now my mouth and digestive system are just beginning to develop. I know my mother will give me yummy food. I just cannot wait mummy.

You know my little heart is just forming and by the end of this week my heart will start beating. Oh mother my heart will beat just like yours does. Infact I will very soon have hands and legs. I want to hug you mummy. I am just 1/4” and I am just the size of an apple pip. I think you know don't you, mummy that I am there within you. I just cant wait to see you.

Week 7- My eyes are covered by very thin skin and my arms and legs have got clefts which will then become my fingers and toes and I am going to run so fast mummy that you will find it difficult to catch me. My bones are also developing and I am going to be very strong like daddy I think. I am now 1.3cm and about the size of a grape.

Week 8 - I have now all my organs, my nostrils and do you know I have a tongue, and I have started moving around a lot . Can you feel me mother? I am waiting. I have grown too. I am now 2.5cm and the size of a strawberry. I know she will feel as happy as I do. I just can’t wait to see my mother’s face. Will I look like my mother or my father I wonder.

Today my mother killed me.