Saturday, February 24, 2007

Destressing the child's mind

These are just some musings on a few things that I come across which sets me thinking and wondering if other parents also share similar concerns.

Today my 11 year old son’s friend told me that he is going for a movie. When asked which one he said Black Friday. I was zapped. I just can’t figure out how a child can be exposed to such violent movies at such a tender age.

A child’s mind is so tender it needs to be nurtured in a very condusive environment, where it can blossom. As it is children are exposed to so many unwanted things, which as parents we can’t help. At least as far as possible let us try and keep their minds tender, innocent and happy. What say you parents?

What is an outing then? In today’s scenario outing is basically families visiting the mall where one can spend the whole day within the confines of four walls. Entertainment is also playing video games in the parlours and shopping. Once in a while it is fine, but wouldn't it be great if the outing also nurtures the young minds positively.

I love to spend time with my children in the park instead of malls. The joy that they find playing, laughing and basically enjoying simple joys of life makes me feel happy. It is an emotional catharsis not only for them but also for me and my husband, where we also get time to just enjoy the quietness and spend time together.

We can make life simpler for our children, can we not? We know that the children today have learn multi-tasking at such a young age and we ke complaining how the kids are getting stressed so easily these days. Why don't we all try and nurture their tender minds with beautiful and simple things?

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