Friday, July 25, 2008

Lost Childhood

The other day when I was watching BBC news channel I saw it was a report on some of the war ravaged countries. Some of the clippings were of little children with their mothers standing with dazed look on their face. Their eyes are staring vacantly at the horizon.In another clipping it was Children of twelve, thirteen running around corners with guns in their hands and enjoying shooting at the security personnel. I am sure you must have all seen this by now familiar sight on news channels.

This made me wonder how these children are getting affected by constantly getting exposed to war, shootouts and killings. Personaly many must have lost their near and dear ones in these senseless fights. this would mean a whole generation of children are getting exposed to these violent crimes and their psyche would be totally affected.

When our children would be playing with toys , children there would be playing deadly games with the guns. When our children are making a fuss about food little ones there must be suffering hunger pangs. School for them would be fight for day to day survival lessons and trying to save their lives. Bed time stories would be the days drama of life unfolding in front of their tender lives every day. Dreams would be of gory bodies everywhere.

I wonder what does life hold for them? What would their future be? Can they ever hope for a normal life and a normal childhood? Imagine a whole generation just losing out on their childhood. They might become cynical and be much more mature despite their tender age. They too might become part of the vicious circle of war and death. In the battle fought by the shrewd politicians and war mongers these little lives have been sacrificed .

When we do not have the power to create the world we do not have the right to destroy it. In what way would war help anyone? I wonder...

Just imagine a world of peaceful co-existence where there is love, joy and happiness. A world filled with the gurgles and laughter of children playing together , carefree and full of life and dreams. I hope these children will survive to see life in a whole new way.

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