Friday, January 22, 2010

Parenting lesson from a cab driver

The other day I got into conversation with the cab driver enroute to my mom's place. These days what with traffic and signals one spends about an hour to reach one's destination. Hence I had all the time in the world and started conversing with the cab driver. I enjoy listening to stories of different people and their lives. This is what he told me about his life.

He hails from Shimoga. Lack of job landed him in to our own Bengalooru. He got a job as a cab driver and has since been doing this for the past eighteen to twenty years. He has a daughter and two sons. His aim was to educate his children and enable them to earn a comfortable living. Unlike other people I have seen who prefer convent education for their children he sent his children to government schools. His daughter got 98% in science and showed keen interest to get into college and take science the stream. Though it was difficult, he encouraged her and managed to send her to college. English medium was a problem for her as she had studied in Kannada medium throughout. So she enrolled herself into an English learning school and picked up the nuances within three months. Math was also another subject she was weak in and her father sent her for tutions though it was difficult for him. But in her second year, she failed in math and though she reappeared a second time she couldn't make it. She told her dad that she would like to discontinue as she was finding it difficult. He agreed and she got a job in a bank and now she is married and has a child. He was happy that his daughter was well settled.

Coming to his sons he said that they both studied upto twelfth grade and now one is working as a cab driver and the other son is doing something on his own.

What I liked about this person is that he tried his best in fulfilling his parental duty. When his children wanted to study he was there for them, supporting them even under difficult situations. When they said they wanted to start work he gave full support and once they got into jobs he stepped back saying now it is upto them to make a success out of their lives. Now he says if they come to him and say they want to get married he will complete that duty too as a parent. So very focussed and clear. Hats off to this parent.

But after all this he says that his heart still belongs to the place where he was born and brought up. His dream now is to earn enough money and go back to his beloved Shimoga and lead a quiet life away from this mad frenzy. He says if this minute anyone offers him a job in Shimoga with a salary of Rs.4000- 5000 per month he will just pack his bags and leave that very instant. He says that he has had enough of city life.

Once I reached my destination I wished him all the best. I wished with all my heart that he realises his dream.

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