Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Celebrating the journey of parenting - a century of blog posts

Hey folks this is my first century- my one hundredth blog. Well it's been long overdue. A couple of years ago when my husband suggested that I start writing blogs encompassing my experiences of parenting, I had doubts. What would I be writing about? Would people be interested in reading it?

But then I noticed there were so many things to write about; my day to day experiences, experiences of other parents, trend stories - all these have become interesting materials for my writing. Yes many a time I have had the typical "writer's block" or let's say sheer laziness. But every time there's been a lull in my blog posts, I have received encouraging mails from friends and readers to restart writing. And the result is here - a century of blog posts.

My experiences over a period of time has taught me that there is no sure fire recipe for the art of perfect parenting. We all learn as we travel through the rough paths, the turns and the curves and sometimes the sharp hairpin bends, and several times being at the crossroads. All these account for my extraordinary journey of parenting. This art of course is not exclusive to human beings alone but many a things can be learnt from animal kingdom too, as you might have read in my series of posts on parenting in animal world - part one, two, three and four.

Parenting covers a wide spectrum of life. It comes with many rewards like in my post "Happy Daughter's Day" or sometimes pains as in "Worth the sacrifice?". It has its moments of courage "An ode to unsung heroines" and sometimes despair "Innocence lost". There are hilarious moments like the "Roller coaster of an exam ride" and moments of sheer frustration as in "cooking travails of a mom". Sometimes there are moments of clash in ideals and views as in "Gifts to children - be conservative or be liberal?" or complete harmony as in "Earth hour = family hour". I should say parenting covers a whole gamut of emotions in one's lifetime.

One thing that I have observed though; in earlier times parenting was very simple and relatively easy. But over a period of time parenting has become a lot more complex. Things have changed a lot since we were children. Guess every generation feels so when it is their turn! Everyday brings with it a new problem to deal with and a new solution to look for. It has now become quite a task for parents to juggle the issues and they need to constantly evolve and find ingenious ways of facing these challenges.

It's been a 3-year old journey and hopefully, will be a much longer eventful and an enjoyable journey. Hence I shall continue to go on this ride through the eyes of a pondering parent and look to share my thoughts with all you my dear friends, some who are known to me and others who are faceless but who have read my blogs and given very insightful comments and have been a source of encouragement. Here's wishing all of you a very happy parenting journey.


Dr. Suhasini said...

Hearty Congratulations Shobana! That's a great achievement. I sincerely suggest that you publish these - a la "Chicken soup to parenting souls!"
I really wish I could reply to all your posts -but most of the times I don't do it due to lack of time (that's an excuse); more truthfully, I am not that expressive.

All the best to you and looking forward to see your publication - Part -1 1st edition in Walden!

shobhana shenoy said...

Dear Dr. Suhasini,
Thank you very much, and it means a lot to me.
As for the book publishing it would be a wonderful thing if it happens isn't it?

Unknown said...

Congratulations and all the very best to you if you do decide to publish..cant agree more with Dr Suhasini..

You do have the flair to pen in your thoughts so go for it and keep the blogs pouring in

shobhana shenoy said...

Hi Jocelyn,
Thanks a lot. Appreciate it.In the mean time keep reading and commenting.