Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Teacher's Day - only for young kids?

September 5th of every year is a special day as this is the day when we show our appreciation for all those teachers who have taught us and have played a role in shaping our lives. This role maybe a small one or quite a significant one, one which has profoundly changed the very direction of our life.

These days the child gets to spend just the initial two to three years of his life at home with his mother, father and other immediate elders who teach and shape the child's initial education. After that once the child enrolls into a school, it is the teacher who has a very great influence on the child. Because a child spends roughly 15-18 years (or more depending on how much further we want to study) in schools and colleges. On an everyday basis a child spends about six to eight hours in school. That's a significant part of one's life spent in the portals of school and hence with the teachers.

During this time, the teacher is the child's pivot. Many of us have come across situations where the child becomes so very fond of the teacher that whatever he or she says is the gospel of truth. The way the teacher dresses, her actions, her way of talking, the methodology of teaching all these and more are imitated by the child and hence she becomes the child's role model.

The affection the children have for their teachers is also manifested in their actions - be it taking flowers or making greeting cards themselves on Teacher's Day. But as they grow older, the enthusiasm for taking flowers or making cards seems to go down drastically. Is this the stage when friends become the centre of their lives and every act is based on peer acceptability? Somewhere down the line teachers go down in the hierarchy. Many a time we come across disturbing articles where students have clashed with the teachers, or where teachers have overstepped their role in the name of discipline.

So unless there is mutual respect and love on both sides the real significance of celebrating Teacher's Day is lost. It will just be a day which will be celebrated for the sake of celebrating. Hope some day every teacher and student will forge that special unbreakable bond when each student can sincerely thank their teachers for being a part of their life. That will be the day when one can truly wish their gurus "Happy Teacher's Day".

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