Monday, November 29, 2010

My little chef

I guess "Master Chef" seems to be one of those programs that never ceases to interest us. In one of my earlier blogs, I had written about "My very own Master Chefs". I must say my children are still hooked onto the program (the Australian version - they hate the Indian one) and do not seem to tire of it. Words like "dicing, chopping, marinating" all these have now become part of their vocabulary. Not just that when I start serving they ask me why have I not "plated" it well like they do it in the restaurants or as in Master Chef? And to top it all, any dish that I put in front of them goes in for some very serious evaluation a la Matt Preston. They tell me that that the dish has an amazing flavour, or the dish needs to have more of sweetness or sourness or that my plating should be better and so on and so forth!! And here I am struggling and just about managing  to plan and make a menu which just needs to be edible and healthy.

The effect of watching this program has now resulted in a lot of experimentation by my kids. Just the other day during the master chef class the method of making hash brown potatoes was demonstrated. Now my elder son told me that the next day he would be preparing this dish. At that moment I just nodded my head without giving it much thought. However the very next evening my son announced that he would be making hash brown potatoes. That night for dinner I had planned on making pizza. When he told me his plan I was definitely not in a mood. That would mean not only experimenting but also would involve more work and  I also had my  pizzas to prepare. So I asked him to prepare it some other time when I could help him out. But he was adamant. He told me "Mom, you don't need to do anything, just guide me now and then. I will do everything".

With lot of trepidation I gave in. Very soon he was busy washing the potatoes, putting it in the oven and baking it. Next he peeled the skin and grated the potatoes. Now even my husband  got interested. Together they put it in the mould and then fried it. In the process my son burnt his finger. But his enthusiasm never waned. Voila! there were several tasty little hash browns resting on the tray and looking very inviting.

That night for dinner we had a feast what with pizzas and hash brown. I should say here that they tasted absolutely amazing. My son was glowing with all the compliments given to him. I felt quite proud of my little master chef.


Aparna said...

That is so cute !! Hope that sets the trend for an interest in cooking even later in life :).

I love the Australian version too, not so much the Indian one. My kids watch along too whenever I let them, but at 2 and 5 they are more interested in the title music and just looking at the food :).

Unknown said...

hey shobana, i loved ur blog on master chef . we too ,my kids and i are avid viwers of australia mc ,the food esp pastries desserts r grt!! the incentive prizes are amazing! we watch indian mc to that too is good and 'wacthable'.
my son too wwants to become a food critic with medical profession!!
nice to hear ur son cooked ur dinner and i too will try the hash yummy potato dish ! nice to read ur blog bye kep in touch padmini seshadri

shobhana shenoy said...

Hi Aparna,
Thanks for the comment. Wow! they are too small but probably this might kindle that spark in them which might come in handy later. Enjoy.

shobhana shenoy said...

Hi Padmini,
Well imagine two different diverse interests!! Well one would be a professional interest and the other could be his hobby and a way to unwind after a very tedious day. Lovely hearing from you. Keep reading.

Reshma Nayak said...

I love Masterchef too :) And it's good that your family loves it too. I am the only one at home watching it (I record it and sometimes watch it twice :) )

shobhana shenoy said...

Hi Reshma,
I have heard many parents say that their children started showing interest in cooking after watching Master Chef. This is true in my case too.They would just wait eagerly for the programme to start.

Also watch Donna Hay cookery show where she cooks very simple and delectable dishes.