Saturday, May 28, 2011

National pride

Our country celebrated Republic Day and many of us have surely watched the very touching video of the silent national anthem by the speech and hearing impaired children. One could see the pride and joy on the faces of these children.

It is another matter that, of late our country is mired in umpteen numbers of scams and with the kind of message that the Government is coming across each and every one of us the citizens of India seems to have lost their power of voice or even if there is it just seems to be getting drowned unheard in the abyss.

But let me come to the point. As usual after several months we finally went to the theatre to see a movie and after the initial advertisements I was surprised when the message flashed on the screen for all to stand for the National Anthem. I sang the anthem with great gusto. I could feel my chest heave and could feel tears round the corner of my eyes and my heart was bursting with pride. Such is the power of our National Anthem !! The whole atmosphere felt very electric and I am sure every one of them must have felt some kind of deep emotion welling up. I was also happy that my children were also witness to this as otherwise it is only in school that they do sing it everyday.

It was then it stuck me that if we, the honest citizens of this country do our duty with diligence, hard work and loyalty, and also, instill in our children the same sense of values, there is no doubt in my mind that our country will once again rise and shine despite the scam-filled governance we see today. The sincere pride and love we see in the faces of each of the children in the Silent National Anthem should be on all Indians. Don't you think?

What do you say?