Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Staying Connected Forever

Friendship is such a beautiful thing and every one of us at one time or the other have had a few close friends with whom we have shared all our dreams,aspirations, fears, future plans and so many more things. My school friends just vanished once I joined college. A set of new friends were again a part of my college life. After leaving college, to date I have only a couple of friends with whom I have kept in touch. But all the rest have just slowly faded away in this vast ocean of life.
Just the other day I was spring cleaning in preparation for Diwali festival when I suddenly came across my old college photograph and it brought back wonderful memories. I sat there trying to recollect all the forty or so names of my batch mates. So many funny incidents came rushing forth and it made me want to somehow try and contact all these friends to find out what they were doing right now, where they were and how they had fared in life? Friends who had been close at one time and promises that were made to keep in touch had somehow just disapppeared.
Recently I signed up on Facebook and that got me quite excited as I thought that here at last was my chance to I trace back all my friends. Well I was able to find one of my students and my friends sister through whom I was able to get my friend's id. This is just the beginning and hope I will get to hear from quite a few friends of mine. I thought it was a wonderful way of keeping in touch.

When I saw this a thought flashed in my mind , how lucky my children were. They will never have to wonder about their friends like we do now. Their friends will now literally be just a click away. Just imagine this current generation is already signing up on Facebook and other sites and that way they will always be connected. They will be able to know what is happening in their friend's life twenty years , from now. Is it not a wonderful way of staying connected? The world will really be a small place and they will never ever loose touch with their friends.

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