Sunday, November 15, 2009

A divine bond

The other day me and my husband were in the midst of traffic and the traffic light had turned red. I always like to look around to see people around me at that time. It is a very good observation point for me.

That was when I happened to glance at my side where there was an auto and inside I saw a little girl of about ten years of age who was in a school uniform sobbing uncontrollably with her hands covering her face and her brother who I guess must have been about fourteen or so had his hands around her and I could see him trying to pacify her. Since we were next to them I asked him in sign language as to why she was crying? At that I could make out him telling his little sister that others were looking at her and asking her to stop crying. After a while with him coaxing and cajoling I saw the little girl lift her head slowly. Immediately her brother wiped her tears and pointed out towards us. I also saw her brother trying to make her laugh and finally when the signal turned green I saw that he had succeeded in making her smile and he was holding her hands and waving at us.

I was truly overwhelmed by this incident and the love and care that this little boy had shown . That was truly a bond which I wish will last through out their lifetime.

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