Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Role reversal!

I read in the newspaper about this very unique reproductive activity in sea horses. It is said that the female sea horse lays 250 - 600 eggs in the pouches of male sea horse. The pouch is something very similar to a kangaroo pouch. Now the female will lay her eggs in not just one but other male sea horse i.e., until she clears all her eggs! (ooh! these males seem to be quite willing).

Once the eggs are laid inside the pouches immediately the pouches get sealed and the female satisfied with her handiwork swims away. Now that's what I call total female liberation. After this it is the male who carries these eggs inside him for about 40 - 50 days and it says he goes through all the pains of pregnancy, until finally the eggs hatch into babies. Mostly they die after giving birth and only a few survive for the next mating season. Isn't that sad?

For a moment a picture flashed through my mind if this role reversal were to happen in human beings too........maybe in some distant future perhaps.

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The Cal Bong said...

hmmmm... I wish this role reversal was posible... its the ultimate female fantasy.. cheers:)