Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Oh B(r)other!!

That evening I was indulging in my favourite hobby of observing people from my balcony. I guess I have mentioned in one of my earlier blogs that observation gives a lot of insights about a person. Anyways, as it was still a little too early I saw only two children - a boy and a girl - playing down in the garden below. The little girl was dressed in a pretty floral dress and must have been about four and she had a pretty paper crown on her head. I could see she was regally walking all around - the little princess.

The little boy who I guess was her brother was also playing with a stick in his hand. No Girlie stuff for this little man who must have been all of six. All of a sudden the strong wind blew away the little princess' crown. Her brother immediately ran after it and got it and walked towards his sister. I was so very admiring this little act of love between the brother and the sister when true to the saying "Oh B(r)other", he just ran away with the crown while the little princess ran after him to rightfully claim her crown. He ran between the gaps in the fence and would wait until his sister also would with great difficulty squeeze herself through the gap and just as she would think he was within her reach he would run at lightening speed. This happened for quite sometime.

Finally the girl started howling and the brother realised what would be in store for him if he did not return back the crown, decided to return it. But the way he gave it back was also so typical of boys. He just threw it on the ground laughing and at the same time stamped on it and ran away. The poor little princess must have by now been so used to her brother's teasing ways took it and straightened it and restored it again to its rightful place. The last I saw her she was again regally walking- with her superb crown resting beautifully on her head.

Isn't this a typical brother and sister thing? haven't we all gone through this at one time or the other? I sighed Oh Boy or should I say Oh B(r)other!!


Anonymous said...

I enjoyed feeling the real feeling of the story!

shobhana shenoy said...

Thank You