Monday, August 22, 2011

When Lord Krishna visited my home

Krishna Janmashtami - the day Lord Krishna was born. With both the children having flown the nest, I was reminiscing those days when not long ago, we were all celebrating this festival together, and I can still remember the joy and festive mood at home.

There is something magical about this festival, which I am narrating here. I remember visiting my friend during this festival. As I entered her house I just stood fascinated; I saw small footprints on the floor running across the house! I asked her what that meant? She explained that this was a tradition in their house. This she said, represented little Lord Krishna's feet symbolising Lord Krishna visiting her home! She also showed me how to make it. She would close her fist and dip that in the kumkum paste and press it on the floor and then mark toes over that.

This was a memory that stayed with me. When my children were small, I wanted to create this magical moment for them. That was the age when they were very much interested in mythological stories,  and no guesses there, Krishna was their favourite. That night as I kissed them goodnight, I told them that the next day was Lord Krishna's birthday and told them that little Krishna might visit them! 

That night I made little footprints leading from the prayer room to the kids room.The next morning, both the kids came running into my room yelling excitedly that Krishna had come to see them and they showed me the footprints. Their simple belief and enthusiasm was infectious and the whole family including their grandparents shared that wonderful moment along with the children! From then on this became a regular tradition in our family too.

The next year the day before Janmashtami, both the children couldn't contain their excitement. They badgered all of us with questions. Will Krishna be visiting us this year too, what time will he be coming, can they stay awake to greet him on his birthday? I told them if they wanted little Krishna to come, he would definitely visit them this time too. 

That evening, as I passed their room I could hear a lot of whispering and serious discussions going on between the brothers. I was wondering as to what was the buzz all about. When asked they wouldn't tell me. After I kissed them goodnight I got ready to make the footprints. I came to the Pooja room, and what I saw there made me very emotional. On the platform in front of Lord Krishna's idol lay a bowl filled with their favourite Cadbury eclairs!! This was their gift to the Lord on his birthday! After making the footprints, I took out some chocolates from the bowl. 

Next day early morning a small riot broke out. That day while we were still in bed, my children rushed into our bedroom with whoops of joy and amazement. Both of them were talking at the same time. Finally we managed to calm them down, and both of them narrated that little Krishna had visited them this time too and had eaten some eclairs too! They were completely awestruck!

Later in the day I could hear my younger son telling his grandparents with great gusto as to how he had seen Lord Krishna come into his bedroom and also about Krishna having eaten the eclairs! Each time the story was repeated, it kept getting longer and more vivd with lot more creativity and imagination!

Time passed and my children had grown a little older by now. The tradition continued. But now I saw my elder son giving me knowing smile and winks whenever I enthused about visit of Krishna. I could however see he was still torn between wanting to believe it, but also trying to question. 

Then one of the years I hit upon the idea of making the footprints with lipstick as it was much easier. Now my younger son got up that morning and all was quiet. I did not hear the usual whoop of joy and was wondering what was happening? After some time he came down and told me 'Mamma, I know you made those footprints'. I asked him why he thought so? He said that he had smelt the footprints and it smelt of lipstick (I know children are curious, but smelling the footprints? Beats me). I told him that might be the smell of alta the red colour that Krishna generally applies on his feet. I could see that he was not quite satisfied. I knew that my children were now growing up and were slowly stepping out of their imaginary world.

Now the time has come where both my sons tell me that they knew the truth.Well the truth might have been out of the bag, but I think I will continue doing it. Why? I guess life has to have some magical moments, don't you think? And for me, it was that day early in the morning when my kids got up to the joy of seeing the footprints for the first time and telling me with great faith that little Lord Krishna had come home visiting them!


Unknown said...

Vanni u have written so nicely .... cant describe it in words. U must write one book.

Unknown said...


Sandy said...

The faith our children have in us and our stories, these wonderful memories that life is made up of are all we have when they go away from us leaving an empty nest, for us to reminisce those golden moments with a smile..

Rashmi said...

I wish I had done this for mine... Loved the story akka... Keep writing

Tanuja said...

My story is similar to yours Shobhana! We would also have a ritual of rocking the cradle and my kids would enjoy taking turns to do it. Brought back wonderful memories ❤️❤️ superbly written and as always a pleasure to read. Keep writing Shobhana, looking forward to your next!!

Sona nayak said...

Wow Maami! Please narrate similar stories and keep writing!❤❤

Anonymous said...

Such a lovely story :)

Shobhana Shenoy said...

Thank you all for your comments and also for narrating your personal experiences. As our children grow up, we have so many wonderful memories stored away. It gives immense pleasure to go back to these memories and write about them.

Rashmi, it's never too late to start..)