Monday, August 22, 2011

When Lord Krishna visited my home

Yesterday was Krishna Janmashtami. Long time back at one of my friend's house I was fascinated when I saw her making little footprints with her fist using kumkum, leading allover her house. When asked, she said this was one of their custom, where it  represented little Krishna's foot steps. I was fascinated by this.

When my children were small, I wanted to create this magic for them.That was the age when they were so much into mythgological stories and Krishna was their favourite God.That night as I left their bedroom I  hinted that for all they know Krishna might even come and visit them.That night I made little footprints leading from the prayer room to the kids room.The next morning, both the kids came running into my room yelling excitedly that there are footprints of Krishna in their bedroom and that Krishna had come to see them. I felt very happy and shared their enthusiasm.

The next year on the day of Janmashtami, they were totally excited and asked me if Krishna would visit them again just like the previous year? I told them if they wanted him to come he will definitely do so. Then they had a brain wave. Since it was his birthday they had to give him gifts! So I could hear serious discussion between both of them as to what gift they should give. Finally I think both of them reached a conclusion and after some time I saw two bowls of their favourite Cadbury eclairs being kept below Lord Krishna's Idol. That night again I made the footprints and also took some chocolates out of the bowl . As anticipated both of them got up real early in the morning with joyous shouts at seeing the footprints. When they saw some chcolates missing both of them were awestruck and told me Krishna had eaten their chocolates.

Later in the day I could hear my younger son telling with great gusto to everyone as to how he saw Lord Krishna come into his bedroom and how he had seen him eat the chocolates. Each time the story was repeated, it kept getting longer with lot more creativity and imagination. I was happy and amused.

A couple more years it continued. My sons had grown a little older by now. I now saw my elder son giving me knowing smile and  winks whenever I enthused about the visit of Krishna. I could however see he was still trying to make up his mind whether it was real or not.

Then one of the years I hit upon the idea of making the footprints with lipstick as it was much easier. Now my younger son got up that morning and all was quiet. I did not hear the usual whoop of joy and was wondering what was happening? After some time he came down and told me 'Mamma, I know you made those footprints'. I asked him why he thought so? He said that he had smelt the footprints and it smelt of lipstick (I know children are curious, but smelling the footprints? Beats me). I told him that might be the smell of alta the red colour that Krishna generally applies on his feet. I could see that he was not quite satisfied. I knew that my children were now growing up and were slowly stepping out of their imaginary world.

Now the time has come where both my sons tell me that they know the truth.Well the truth might have been out of the bag, but I think I will continue doing it. Why? I guess life has to have some magical moments, don't you think? And for me, it was that day early in the morning when my kids got up to the joy of seeing the footprints for the first time and telling me with great faith that little Lord Krishna had come home visiting them.

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