Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Truly a festival of lights

We have been celebrating Diwali - the festival of light and sound I must say for the past several years. After the entry of children into our lives the festivities brought out added dazzle and sparkle into our lives. The amazing and joyous look on their faces when sparklers and flowerpots were lit or the frightened gasp and cries when crackers were burst - all these added a different dimension to our festivities. When they got older, bursting crackers on their own became a symbol of courage and a sign of independence. All these happened in addition to the ritualistic oil massage and bath followed by lighting diyas everywhere and gorging on sweets and led up to the final moments when they would wait excitedly for that moment when they could start on the firework show.

All that changed this year when my children announced that they would not be bursting crackers or for that matter any other  fireworks this year. We were happy that we would in a very small way contribute towards lesser pollution this year. At the same time as an adult, being conditioned to celebrating Diwali with fireworks I asked the kids if they would atleast like to buy one pack of flowerpot and sparklers as a symbolic spirit of this festival. They refused.

I should say this Diwali we enjoyed a lot by decking up the house with lovely rangolis, amid strewn petals of crysanthemums, roses and marigolds. Prepared lots of sweets and savouries at home as well as a sumptuous Diwali meal, visited friends and relatives, and had friends visiting us. Not to forget we lit lots of diyas. At the end of the festivities, In my heart I felt that this Diwali was well and truly the festival of lights.

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