Thursday, February 23, 2012

Have they become a burden on us?

'The old and neglected people were once healthy and caring, serving society. It is now our responsibility to serve them'. This was the message I saw on my airtel AX- Goodmorning. I felt this was very apt as just the previous day I was reading this  article which said that "Loneliness is a hidden killer". The article says that loneliness could affect all age groups but can particularly be harmful to the elderly and can be a ' hidden killer'. Depression, lack of exercise, and poor eating habits seem to become their companions.

Well it was not only this article, but on the same day I also read this article which said that a son had burnt his parents alive because they refused to give in to his demand of lending money though they had helped him every time during times of dire needs! In another case the children had dumped their aging mother in the dustbin on the road! In yet another instance an old woman had appealed to the court for Euthanasia saying that her children had abandoned her and since she did not have any means of survival, this she thought would put an end to her miseries. Isn't it shocking? What a sad state of affairs.

During their hey days all parents have worked hard enough to provide a comfortable life for their children, many a time depending on the circumstances. Many parents have gone through extreme hardships to ensure that atleast their children have better opportunities which they had to forego due to various reasons during their times. They have held the hands of the children through all the ups and downs of life. They have  shared all their joys and sorrows and have felt it to a greater degree  than the children themselves.

In the current scenario the elderly are physically fit, thanks largely to advances in medical sciences. Life expectancy has  gone up substantially. But the thing is, are they getting that  psychological elixir of life that can come only through loving words and  by means of simple heartfelt actions and gestures from us which show that 'We Care' for them?

Don't you think that during their twilight years, they need not be considered a burden by the younger generation? 

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