Monday, October 8, 2012

The shifting paradigm of working relationships

Well in one of my earlier blogs under the title 'Role Reversal' I had written about the very unique reproductive act in Sea horses, and guess what, the homosapiens are trying to emulate this!! Yes! The article which I read says that there seems to be a massive change on gender relations wherein men today want babies and commitment, while women are more likely to want independence in their relationships.

This study was conducted with over 5,000 American adults and some of the key features were; more than half of single men wanted to have children compared to just 46 percent of women. While 24 % of men who were single without children wanted to have kids compared to 15% of women. While 49% women believed that women need not be the primary caregiver for children, 38% men agreed on that count.

Looks like there is a sea change doesn't it? I am sure that the scenario in urban India has changed a lot over a period of time. Post industrialisation which empowered women, giving them economic independence has broken the gender stereotype. Women seem to be going the whole nine yards and savouring the independence that they have finally managed to wrestle after a very long period of struggle. They seem to have come a full circle and the above study indicates there is no looking back now.

However many questions arose in my mind. Would this mindset lead to dismantling of  the very framework of 'Family' in our society? With women giving first preference to their career, and many of them opting to raise a family at a much later stage when age and other factors become a stumbling block, will we still  be able to  raise healthy and normal children? Will the very fabric of our society which has so far found the 'Family Structure' to be a strong working model and which has so far been able to keep our society stable, disintegrate over a period of time if this trend becomes more and more widespread?

Suddenly another scenario popped into my mind. Probably over a period of time the man might take over the whole gamut of household chores like cooking, cleaning and raising children all on his own, a bastion held so far by women while his counterpart is busy battling wars in the boardroom. And who knows the day might not be far off when with advances in science, the men would go with the whole of nine months experience of carrying a baby and giving birth to it a la Arnold Schwarzenegger in the movie - Junior, while women are busy earning for the family. What do you have to say?


Reshmi V said...

I was reading your article and I came across this It got me to think…how much have I taught? In today's life, I don’t get time to read the Ramayana myself, forget teaching kids!!

shobhana shenoy said...

Hi Reshmi,
Thanks for reading my blog. Well went through the site that you had mentioned. It was good.As to your difficulty I can imagine how premium time is and you just don't seem to have enough.
Well I would like to say that in one of my earlier blogs I had written about how our very own Amar Chitra Kathas - short, colourful can be one of the best way to give our children an insight into our mythology.So if you can take time to tell these as bedtime stories it will not only be a bonding time for you and the children but also children can learn values through these stories and one which they are going to cherish their whole life.Try it.

Anonymous said...

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