Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Being Sensitive Parent

"Kya mein itna bura hu maa?" when I listened to this line in the movie Taare Zameen Par I just couldn't control and shed buckets of tears. It was very moving and it sure must have touched every parents heart to the core did it not?

My younger son told me that he did not like the movie and then I heard some of my other freinds telling me that their children did not enjoy the movie infact one of them insisted that they stop watching the movie and go midway.

For the child it is very realistic and they must be going through this or seeing this happen that for them it gives no joy and infact they must be feeling the emotions too stongly than we could imagine. Hence the reaction.

As for the parents we got to see the problem through a child's world. As a parent it is so difficult for us to accept that our child is different. We are under such tremendous pressure to show to the world that each of our child is extra brilliant, that he excels in all the field, that we miss out on seeing our child's limitations, or the interest that he might show in other field other than education. When this is the case under normal circumstances then imagine the trauma that parents undergo when they discover that their child is an exceptional child.

Luckily these days help is available and teaching methods have been evolved making it easier for these special children. But there is a need to sensitise parents, teachers and society as whole to work together.

As parents I think we have to be really sensitive to each of our child's needs and accept them as they are. We can just provide them with whatever stimulation they need or try and just fire their imagination and interest, beyond that let us not push them .

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