Wednesday, January 9, 2008

A Simple Heartfelt Prayer

Hey another year has passed and we are moving on in life without noticing it. Life has a way of passing by us without our being aware of it.

I was in Bangalore and we started our New Year by praying to God and seeking his blessings to have a good year ahead of us.

I wish for a few things this year as well as years to come, let us all lead a happy, simple and harmonious life. Let everyone on this earth be happy. Let there be no sorrow and pain, even if it is there let it be bearable and pass with lord's blessings. Let everybody achieve all those goals that they had set. Let there be no violence and bloodshed.

Let us all be together and and lead a happy, contented life. Let our minds be as innocent as a little child without any other thoughts in our mind. Above all let us just follow the motto smaller needs, simple thoughts, higher thinking, and celebrate life by spreading joy to all the people around us.

I remember this prayer that we used to say in our nursery class,
Thank you lord for the world so sweet,
Thank you lord for the birds that sing,
Thank you lord for the peace within,
Thank you lord for everything.

Well at that time we used to say this prayer as a routine thing but now I see the beauty and simplicity in it and revel in this simplicity.

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