Monday, June 22, 2009

Dr.Kalam - an inspiration for our children

Whenever I happen to see Dr. Abdul Kalam in the newspaper I feel very proud. Here is one personality during our times who has surpassed all boundaries and barriers to promote only one aspect of human development and that is scientific development - which he says is the answer to take India forward. For this to happen each child's mind needs to be ignited (An apt title of Dr.Kalam's book) at a young age. A very simple person to the core like our dear Mahatma Gandhi.

It would be a dream come true to meet this towering personality atleast once in our lifetime. Who could imagine a boy from a fishing community ,who would be up by 4.00 a.m distribute newspapers, and also attend math classes would one day become the President of India? Though we would all have liked him to continue as President forever!

We have many other unsung heroes like Dr.Kalam who have made a difference to this world. Many of their stories are a source of inpiration for all of us. When the talent, intelligence and interest of our children, who could be in a rural, semi-urban or an urban area and on the threshold of their school life, are tapped, we can dream of having many more Kalams who will have the ability to take our great country forward and reach its pinnacle. I hope we along with our younger generation fulfill the vision that Dr.Kalam has for India by 2020.

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