Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Is it destiny at play?

Following my blog on Dr.Kalam, a few thoughts raced through my mind. There are so many instances where children from a very poor background have succeeded and come up in life despite all odds. Take for example Dr. Kalam a child born into a fishing comunity and by sheer hardwork has reached the height of glory. Same is the case with one of the greatest self made industrialist Dhirubai Ambani.

In another case a boy who was educated by his mother by selling idlis on the roadside went on to complete his IIM from a prestigious institute. We read and get to hear many such real life stories. Many of them have studied in small villages and the have moved on to make it big in life.

In most of these cases they did not have any resources, no financial help, no extra facilities and technological help. Despite all these odds they scaled the heights to achieve their goal.

In contrast here I was worryng about which is a good school for my children, what educational cds can I get for them to enhance their skill ,what classes can I put them into so that they can learn more in order to face the competitive exams and so on and so forth. Mind you all these do not come easy and we end up spending lakhs even as they are in their school years. Imagine the cost that is to be incurred at later stages.

Then I wonder is it really worth it? Haven't children who have come from lesser privileged background, who have passed out from government schools and colleges done well? That makes me wonder - is it destiny at play?

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