Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Yoga for children

Patanjali the founder of yoga wrote extensively all about yoga and its benefits. Somehow in the realms of time, yoga became a thing of past . One would hear about yoga only in passing. Then came Swami Ramdev baba who made yoga popular and with his show being telecast on T.V, it had a wide audience who got hooked onto it and suddenly yoga became the in thing. Then we had a host of celebrity actors who made it even more popular.

Well I have believed in yoga from the past nine years That was when I first learnt it. I found it to be effective. It has helped me through different phases of my life. This kept me active and my body more flexible and had a very soothing effect on my mind.

That was when I thought how much our children could benefit from doing yoga. As it is they undergo so much of stress and mood swings and yoga would be an ideal thing for them. When I was teaching in schools, I would make the little ones do a few of the breathing excercises every day and I found that they used to enjoy doing it. But I never could get my children to do it. I was very happy when I heard that they have yoga classes in their school and now they are quite enjoying it.

Many schools have introduced yoga in their curriculum and I wish and hope all the rest will follow in their footsteps. Children right from playgroup can be introduced to this as their bodies are more flexible and their minds are still in the process of blooming. Having a healthy future generation would be a fitting tribute to the great Patanjali.

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