Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Parents' greatest gift to a child

Today I read in the newspaper a very touching article which I thought I should share with all my fellow parents. A family which is below poverty line made the greatest sacrifice in order to see to it that their daughter could realise her dream.

This little girl hailing from a small unheard of village got hooked onto cycle racing when she got to witness a cycle race while in school. From then on, cycling became her dream and ambition in life. But they were so poor that they could not afford even a second hand cycle.

In order to fulfill his daughter's dream this is what her father did. He borrowed money from the village moneylender and in return signed on to become a bonded labourer for a landlord! Imagine even after sixty two years of independence we are still hearing about these dreaded practices being carried out in free India. What democracy and independence are we talking about when have not been able to give independence to our own citizens?

Well in continuation, he bought a cycle for his daughter from this money. In addition, between him and his wife who is working as a coolie, have tried their best to see to it that all their three children get a good education.

This particular child has since won many cycle race events and is now set to enter the Commonwealth Games. We need to wish them all the best and I really wish there are more parents like them who must have lost on their childhood dreams but are seeing to it that their children achieve their dreams even if it comes at a great cost.

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